Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) has officially taken over the publication of the Kenya Journal of TVET (KJ-TVET) from Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI).

The renowned platform for TVET research exchanged hands on Thursday last week at a ceremony held at a Naivasha hotel and attended by TVETA board and management, RVTTI board and staff, together with partners Zizi Afrique Foundation.

Kenya Journal of TVET was established by RVTTI and the first edition of the annual journal was published in 2012. After three editions, which largely focused on research by Kenyan scholars and issues, RVTTI scaled up and established the Africa Journal of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (AfriTVET) in a bid to embrace continental issues, which has so far churned out four issues.

Last year, TVET Authority, the regulator and coordinator of TVET training in Kenya, approached RVTTI and placed a bid to take over the journal so as to continue giving a platform to disseminate the latest innovations and knowledge in TVET education and training.

During the ceremony, the Chairman of the TVETA Board Prof. Ahmed Ferej said the taking over the Journal of TVET beckons exciting times for the TVET sector in Kenya.

“This are exciting times for the TVET sector because a number of changes are taking place and as TVETA we are at the right place to take TVET research forward,” he noted.

“We thought is wise to take over the KJ –TVET because it was already a renowned brand that will give a platform to all TVET institutions to publish their papers instead of each institution starting its own journal,” he said.

The chairman also said that the platform will also give a forum to students, scholars, the industry and policy makers to engage.

TVETA Director General Dr. Kipkirui Langat, said that the handover marked a milestone in the TVET sector because research is a key component in guiding various aspects in society.

Dr. Langat further acknowledged the contributions of TVETA in integrating research in quality assurance framework, the gender, and entrepreneurship project in collaboration with Netherlands and University of Eldoret which culminated in the establishment of Gender policy in all National polytechnics in Kenya.

He noted that TVETA will capture and document all research findings and publish it in periodical like the TVET magazines and TVET newsletter, which are in the process of development and among other media to be identified.

“Research is key for us in TVETA because it is the backbone of our mandate as the regulator and coordinator of TVET training and in the advisory role we do for the national and county government. We can’t be effective without providing evidence to support any decision we make,” Dr. Langat said.

The Chief Principal of RVTTI Dr. Edwin Tarno said that his college will continue to publish the AfriTVET journal.

“The two journals will continue to enhance TVET publications in Kenya and Africa in close consultations,” he said.

The founder and Chief Editor of the journal Professor Bonaventure Kerre of the University of Eldoret briefly spoke about the history of TVET and acknowledged the contributions various actors have played along.

During the ceremony, the members of the editorial board were also inaugurated. They included: Prof.Bonventure Kerre- Chief Editor-University of Eldoret, Dr. Kipkirui Langat -DG TVETA, Dr.William Osawa Otta-Director Research TVETA, Dr. John Mugo-Executive Director of Zizi Afrique, Edwin Tarno-Chief Principal (RVTTI), Prof. Kisilu Kitainge- Dean, School of Education Technology University of Eldoret, Lawrence Mukhongo -Director TVET programs (TUK), Dr. Frida Simba-Director (JKUAT Mombasa Campus), Dr. Benedicto Mwanchia-Research coordinator (KTTC).