Corporate Services

The core mandate of the Directorate is responsibility for Human Resource issues, Organizational capacity, Finance matters, administration, legal matters, and ICT services. It is headed by a Director, assisted by three managers.

The functions of the directorate are:
1. Staff Recruitment and placement.
2. Staff training and development.
3. Staff welfare, discipline and remuneration.
4. Advice on legal matters concerning the Authority.
5. Coordinate the development of SOPs and Manuals.
6. Ensure implementation and reporting of the Performance Contract.
7. Financial management of the Authority.
8. Ensure the Authority obtains goods and services in a timely manner.
9. Management and coordination of ICT services and ICT technical support.
10. Maintaining of professional standards and practices in procurement.
11. Coordination and management of all aspects of corporate communication.
12. Managing the audit function.
13. Coordinate the risk management function.
14. Ensure the smooth logistical operation of the Authority

A number of staff and functions within this Directorate will work closely and directly with the DG and/ or the Board (e.g., Internal Audit/Risk Management, Legal, M&E).