Answer: Ensure you have provided a valid email account while signing up.

Also, ensure to verify your email by clicking on the email activation link sent to your email account. Make sure you whitelist so that the activation is not sent to your spam folder.

Answer: When you input the telephone number, use the format 7********. Do not put zero (0) before the number seven (7).

Answer: Make sure that you have activated your email account as explained in No. 2.

Answer: The Customer Reference Number can be accessed on the institution or trainer dashboard after logging in on the TVET MIS portal. The number is also accessible on the second payment option for Mpesa in the payments section.


A public TVET institution shall not be required to obtain a Letter of No Objection. However, a private TVET institution shall be required to obtain the Letter of No Objection through the MIS by following the procedure outlined below:

i) Propose a name suitable for your institution and submit it to TVETA for approval. A proposed name should not fall under the following categories:

  • Misleading names, for example, Upendo Training Institute and Upendo Training College. Where Upendo Training Institute already exists, clients may be duped to think that Upendo Training College is a campus of Upendo Training Institute. Same or deceptively similar name. For example, the difference between a proposed name and an existing name is the use of uppercase or lowercase letters, the use of superscripts, subscripts, letters or numerals.
  • Reserved name. For example, a name that may create a false implication of government affiliation. Use of words that commonly denote government organizations including but not limited to ‘Agency’, ‘Authority’, ‘County’

ii) Obtain a “letter of no objection” on the suitability of the name from the Authority.

iii) Register the name of the institution through the E-citizen portal. You will be prompted to attach your letter of no objection.

iv) The E-citizen portal will then generate a business name certificate.


There are three payment gateways on MIS as follows:

i) Mpesa STK push

ii) Mpesa Payment through PayBill 894135 and account Number unique for every institution.

iii) KCB Payment Option.


Option 1: Mpesa STK push


Option 2: Mpesa Payment through PayBill 894135

Option 3: KCB Payment Option

Payment through this option and depositing of a cheque to the above account will require sending of a scanned copy of the bank deposit slip to for issuing of an official payments receipt.



Kindly email your payment evidence to for payment confirmation and update.


Once your application is approved and your name is entered into the TVETA register as a Trainer/Assessor/Verifier, you will receive an email notification. A copy of your license will immediately be available for download from your TVET MIS account.


Kindly create an account on the TVET MIS and update your profile to download your license.


Processing of a complete trainer application takes a maximum period of three months.


Yes, you will be notified through the email address you provided


No, your application will be rejected. Kindly note the minimum requirements for Trainer Registration:

i) at least a Craft/KNQF Level 5 qualification and

ii) pedagogy training.