Answer: Ensure you have provided a valid email account while signing up.

Also, ensure to verify your email by clicking on the email activation link sent to your email account. In addition, make sure you whitelist so that the activation is not sent to your spam folder.

MIS is integrated with eCitizen for authentication with your national ID and email address as the common parameter between MIS and eCitizen. Therefore, make sure that the email address you used while registering on the eCitizen portal is the same as the one used to register on MIS. If your emails on the two systems are different, you will get an error reading “invalid user credential”.

In case of a mismatch of email addresses, kindly send an email to to have your email address updated on MIS to align with your email on the eCitizen portal.

Answer: When you input the telephone number, use the format 7********. Do not put zero (0) before the number seven (7).

Answer: The Customer Reference Number is a system-generated number which can be accessed on the institution or trainer dashboard after successfully logging in on the TVET MIS portal.


A public TVET institution SHALL not be required to obtain a Letter of No Objection. However, a private TVET institution shall be required to obtain the Letter of No Objection through the MIS by following the steps outlined below:

Steps 1
Propose a name suitable for your institution and submit it to TVETA for approval through the MIS system. A proposed name should not fall under the following categories:

Misleading names, for example, Upendo Training Institute and Upendo Training College. Where Upendo Training Institute already exists, clients may be duped to think that Upendo Training College is a campus of Upendo Training Institute. Same or deceptively similar name. For example, the difference between a proposed name and an existing name is the use of uppercase or lowercase letters, the use of superscripts, subscripts, letters or numerals.
Reserved name. For example, a name that may create a false implication of government affiliation. Use of words that commonly denote government organizations including but not limited to ‘Agency’, ‘Authority’, ‘County’

Step 2
Upon successful application, a “letter of no objection” on the suitability of the proposed name will be given to you by TVET Authority.

Step 3
You are now ready to register the name of the institution through the office of the registrar of the companies using the eCitizen portal. You will be prompted to attach the “letter of no objection” from TVETA while registering your institution with the registrar of companies.

The eCitizen portal will then generate a business name for use.


All payments are made through the eCitizen portal. Once you complete filling out your application form, you should click the pay now button and the MIS will redirect you to the eCitizen payment gateway. Follow the instructions as directed on the eCitizen gateway.


In case of an error during the payment process through the eCitizen gateway, kindly email your payment evidence to for payment reconciliation and updates. eCitizen payment gateway is a 3rd party-maintained system and thus there may be instances of errors that originate from the 3rd party system. Therefore, this may call for a follow-up by the TVET Authority with the eCitizen team.


In case of an error during the payment process through the eCitizen gateway or if the MIS is double invoicing, kindly email your errors and details of your invoices to for payment reconciliation and updates.


Once your application is approved and your name is entered into the TVETA register as a Trainer/Assessor/Verifier, you will receive an email notification. A copy of your license will immediately be available for download from your TVET MIS account.


Yes, you will need to submit your academic transcripts alongside your academic certificates.


Yes, you will be notified through the email address you provided while signing up on MIS


No, your application will be rejected. Kindly note the minimum requirements for Trainer Registration:

  1. at least a Craft/KNQF Level 5 qualification and
  2. pedagogy training.


The recommended maximum size of the copies of the documents to be uploaded is 2 MB. However, if your internet uplink is not sufficient, you may experience errors during document upload even if your document is less than 2MB. Kindly send an email to in case of difficulties in uploading documents through MIS.