Outreach Department

The Department of Outreach Services is responsible for building the capacity of the TVET providers through:

  1. organizing the development of programmes for capacity building and sensitization of TVET providers;
  2. coordinating development and maintenance of TVET Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials;
  3. Publishing and disseminating materials on TVET to National and County governments and the private sector.
  4. organizing Talk shows on TVET;
  5. coordinating the implementation of training programmes for TVET providers;
  6. coordinating the capacity building of TVET stakeholders;
  7. coordinating and organizing TVET Skills fairs and shows at national and county levels;
  8. coordinating dissemination of TVET research findings, regulations, standards and guidelines to TVET providers and stakeholders;
  9. coordinating the establishment of linkages and partnerships for best practices in TVET;
  10. creating awareness at National and County Governments, public and private sectors on matters related to TVET through organised workshops; and
  11. participating in annual County Governments devolution conferences;