Step 1: Identification of Standards to be Developed and/or Reviewed

The process starts with the commissioning of a needs assessment or receiving external requests, for development and/or review of priority TVET regulatory standards and guidelines, and/or Occupational Training Standards.

Step 2: Drafting of the Standard and/or Guidelines

From the outcome of the needs assessment, a proposal to develop/review a standard will be forwarded to the Director General, and if the Director General approves the proposal, a standards development committee is constituted to develop a draft TVET regulatory standard and guidelines, and/or Occupational Training Standards. The select committee may include experts from the industry.

Step 3: Stakeholder validation

After the draft standard has been developed by the select committee, the next step is to identify the key stakeholders to be involved in further refinement/improvement of the TVET regulatory standard and guideline, and/or Occupational Training Standards. The draft Standard would be circulated to the identified stakeholders for their validation (review/input and/or comments). Where possible, a validation workshop (physical or virtual) may be organized.

Step 4: Refinement of the Standard by considering comments, suggestions, and review notes received from the stakeholders.

After the stakeholders’ validation, the select committee will meet and refine the draft Standard by considering comments received from the stakeholders.

Step 4: Approval Standard by the Director General

The revised/improved draft standard will be forwarded to the Director General for his review, comments and suggestions. He may suggest further refinement and this means that the select committee will meet again and consider his comments.

Step 5: Consideration and approval by the Board of Directors

After approval by the Director General, the draft standard will be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval during quarterly board meetings. The Board of Directors may request further refinement/revisions which means that the select committee will be required to meet and make those improvements. Else, the procedure shall be deemed complete after the approval of the standard by the Board of Directors.

Step 6: Stakeholders’ sensitization and advocacy

Once the Standards are approved by the Board, the next activity is to sensitize stakeholders and advocate for the adoption of the standard