Compliance and Enforcement

The TVET Authority through its Compliance and Enforcement department carries out periodic audits to institutions to ensure that, once an institution is accredited, it continuously meets the same standards. It Categorizes and schedules institutions for standards compliance assessments in liaison with National and county governments.

1. Categorize and schedule institutions for compliance assessments.
2. Inspect institutions for compliance with set TVETA standards and guidelines.
3. Co-ordinate evaluation of compliance assessment reports.
4. Liaise with National and County Governments on compliance with TVETA standards.
5. Co-ordinate field offices and liaise with field officers on mapping of TVET institutions.
6. Monitor advertisement by TVET institutions in print and electronic media for enforcement and compliance with standards.
7. Update TVET database for compliance.
8. Enforce industrial attachment and internship policies as per the TVET Act, 2013.

9. Monitor examinations by various examining bodies for standards compliance.
10. Vetting of foreign examining bodies for compliance with TVETA standards.