TVETA Board of Directors and management team this morning conducted an inspection tour at Garsen TVC in Garsen Constituency and later shared the comprehensive Quality Audit Report for the college with the Board, Principal, and members of staff.

During the tour, the TVETA Board and staff also held a stakeholders’ engagement meeting and discussed the report with the college stakeholders, highlighting the areas the college has done well and where they need to improve.

The Board advised the college to ensure the institution has been registered under its new location in Minjila area, where the institution has relocated from its initial site at Abaganda, which is 41km away. This will allow the new location to register as an examination centre and also allow them to apply for additional courses.

The Board also asked the institution to enhance the security of the institution and physical facilities, especially boarding facilities so that most of the students can stay at the college.

The institution was advised to review its strategic plan and provide a clear implementation matrix. The institution should also initiate industrial linkages to secure industrial attachments placements also come up with innovation plans to make use of the vast land they own.

The Principal Haji Mwachirimira welcomed the Board sentiments and committed to ensuring the institution gets a title for its new location and thereafter seeks new registration from TVETA and apply for new courses.

The Board Chair Engineer Mwaka Mungatana also promised to hold a meeting soonest and commence the process of ‘change of location’ and ensure the institution resettles in its new location.

Later the team visited the old site at Abaganda, where the college had earlier been constructed. However, due to the inaccessibility of the place and issues with the structural integrity of the building, the Board and management were advised to seek a provisional change of location certificate as they pursue permanent relocation.

The Board and staff also planted trees at the institution and encouraged the management to take advantage of the heavy rains currently pounding the region to plant more indigenous trees in their vast land.