TVET Authority Board and management staff today held a consultative stakeholders’ engagement with Kenya Coast National Polytechnic management and staff and shared a comprehensive Audit Report on the institution.

Kenya Coast performed impressively in the TVETA assessment audit, scoring a remarkable weighted average of 88%, which is scored as “excellent”, according to the Authority ranking system. The National Polytechnic scored over 90% in most areas. Governance, Leadership, and Management (100%), Physical Resources (98%), Human Resources (93%), and Training Delivery (92%).

As for Innovation, Research & Cooperation the institution scored (88%), Trainee Support & Management (71%), and Programme Accreditation 60%, amongst the assessed areas.

TVETA Board and management noted with concern that the National Polytechnic has exceeded the accredited numbers of trainees in some programs, while on trainee support, they ought to have the policy approved. Alternatively, the college didn’t show enough evidence of trainee support, like offering scholarships. On research and innovation, the Authority expected the institution to carry out more research and establish more productive units and also come up with innovations geared towards meeting the needs of the markets.

During the stakeholders’ engagement, the TVETA team embraced on the college management to do more research and develop a competitive curriculum, especially on the Marine and Blue Economy ecosystem, where they have a comparative advantage. The team pointed out, as a National Polytechnic, the college is allowed by law to develop its own curriculum, examine, and award certification. They can equal work with other colleges, especially lower levels, and develop a curriculum for them, examine and award certification. This can be a rich source of revenue for the college because it has a wide catchment.

The college was also advised to make use state of the art equipment for commercial production, as a source of income. The college has well-equipped workshops in marine welding, catering, food and beverage, pastry, fashion design and garment making, beauty therapy, mechanical and automotive engineering, and electrical installation, among others.

Additionally, the college can also take advantage of its location to be an assessment and certification centre for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

The Board applauded the institution for mentoring Kaloleni TVC, which is now ready to stand on its own.

The Deputy Principal in charge of Administration, Show Kalama informed the Board that they have already picked a firm that is going to complete the electrical works at Kaloleni TVC and only paperwork is remaining before the contractor moves to the site.

He also said the institution is in the process to comply with the law by coming up with a payment plan to offset the money owed to TVET Authority in the form of a Quality Assurance fee.