A team from Africa Centre for Advanced Technology (ACAT) led by its President & CEO Dr. Mark Matunga paid TVET Authority’s Director General Dr. Kipkirui Langat a courtesy call to deliberate on TVET Google Android-Developer Training.

ACAT is a limited company registered in Kenya with a focus to promote awareness of new, emerging, and disruptive technologies and their applications and impact on the socio-economic context of society.

During the meeting, it was agreed to accredit and embed Google Android-Developer Training in the TVET curriculum and incorporate it with the Jitume Lab program, which is currently being rolled out across the country.

The TVET Google Training will be classified as an elective course which will be examinable and will be considered as part of the courses leading up to the student’s graduation. As an elective course, it will give interested students a chance to pursue training outside their majors. It will also be classified as a professional course where learners will be able to join the institutions to specially study Android development using Kotlin as the programming language.

On the training of tutors, the Jitume program will be conducting a two-week training of facilitators/tutors at Kenya School of TVET (KSTVET) from the various TVET institutions. This will be done from the first week of June.

Since the target for the training is the same as the target group for the TVET Google training, both pieces of training will be conducted simultaneously.  A meeting will be held with the representatives from TVET Authority and Jitume Lab team to further deliberate on the content of the TVET Google training and how best the training can be conducted.

The culmination of this will be the graduation and commissioning of the TVET Google training. Graduation and issuance of certificates to the over 300 trained TVET tutors and learners who will successfully complete phase 1 of the program.