The Hands On The Future National TVET Conference and Kenya Skills Show 2017, convened by the Permanent Working Group on TVET in Kenya in conjunction with the TVET Authority of the Ministry of Education, was held from 26-28 January 2017 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Conference, held on 26-27 January, was organized around four (4) integrated thematic areas and eight (8) sub-themes, which together, address the immediate and long-term needs of transforming the TVET sector in Kenya.

1. Policy Implementation for Successful TVET

  • Overcoming challenges in the current policy dispensation
  • Opening doors for linking industry/ private sector with academia

2. Filling the Skills Gap

  • Meeting industry needs through occupational standards
  • Increasing the employability of TVET graduates through CBET curriculum and 21st century skills

3. A Sustainable Future for the TVET Sector

  • Coordinating initiatives and governance of the TVET sector
  • Leveraging development partner funding with government commitments and private sector investments

4. Making TVET Relevant to Youth

  • Rebranding TVET: making TVET a viable and inclusive option for all youth
  • Financing a TVET education: loans, grants, vouchers, and scholarships

The Objectives of the Conference were to:

  • Promote policy debate and dialogue on the various thematic areas
  • Strengthen collaborations among TVET partners in Kenya
  • Allow stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as private initiatives and development partners, to showcase best practices, products, and innovations

The Hands On The Future National TVET Conference was attended by over 740 delegates from the private sector, government, development partners, civil society, the regional and international community, and other key stakeholders. The Kenya Skills Show was attended by over 3,000 people, mainly youth seeking a career in TVET. The Skills Show was aimed at rebranding TVET as a promising and rewarding option in terms of career options and prospects in entrepreneurship. Together, the two events demonstrated widespread interest and inclusive commitment from the public and private sectors towards achieving the PWG’s goals. The success of the Conference and Skills Show has given us enormous momentum which we now must capitalize on.