Prof. Florence Indede was appointed the Chairperson of TVETA Board on 8th October 2021. She is the Chairperson Department of Kiswahili and Other African Languages – Maseno University, Associate Professor of Kiswahili Studies – Maseno University. She is a holder of  PhD degree in Kiswahili Studies from Maseno University, which she benefited from a DAAD scholarship at Bayreuth University – Germany; a Masters Degree in Kiswahili Studies and a Bachelor of Education degree from The University of Nairobi.

Her research interests include, pragmatics and discourse analysis in Kiswahili and literary texts, research and knowledge management in higher education, and innovative dialogue on quality assurance in higher education. Prof. Indede is an active participant in Dialogue for Innovative Higher Education Strategies (DIES) programs since 2003 when she underwent University Staff Development (UNISTAFF) training in Germany, and the International Deans Course (IDC) (2013/2014) in Germany and Africa. Prof. Indede was the National Chairperson of Kenya DAAD Scholars Association (KDSA) since 2015 – 2019 having been the Vice Chairperson of KDSA from 2009-2015. Prof. Indede is actively involved in research, national and international collaboration and partnerships. In 2022, Prof. Indede initiated an academic and cultural partnership project between Princeton University – New Jersey-USA and Maseno University – Kenya. In 2021, in a team of six members comprising of Maseno University, The University of Nairobi and Africa Nazarene University, won the Lacuna Funds (hosted by Merridian Institute) Datasets for Language in Sub-Saharan Africa to carry out one year research on KenCorpus: Kenyan Languages Corpus: The research involved collection of both voice and text data in Luhyia, Luo and Kiswahili Corpus. Together in a team of four, won the DIES National Multiplication Training (NMT) grant 2017-2018 to train deans and directors on quality leadership and management in higher education in Kenya. The NMT Programme is part of the DIES Programme (Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies), which is jointly coordinated by the DAAD and German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Prof. Indede is the Coordinator of collaborative activities between Maseno University- Kenya and Linnaeus University-Sweden since 2012.  From 2011-2019 in a team of four, initiated and implemented the Building Stronger University (BSU) Project which drew partners from Maseno University-Kenya, Gulu University (Uganda), Tribuhuvan University- Nepal and Denmark Universities: Aarhus, Aalborg University and Roskilde. The BSU and later MAGAART project were funded by DANIDA. Prof. Indede was the Chairperson MAGAART publication Committee and Chief Editor Globe Special Issue 2018: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication. She has successfully organised and participated in local, national and international seminars, workshops and conferences. Successfully taught, supervised and graduated several undergraduate, Masters and Five PhD candidates. Prof. Indede has had immense contribution to the community. She was the Chairperson Kima Integrated Community Initiative Program (NGO) from 2005 -2016. She has also served on several school Boards of Management