Institution Application

The Authority accredits institutions and approves managers of institutions and new programmes.

Business registration certificate

  1. Click Here to obtain letter of no objection on the suitability of the name from TVETA
  2. Register the Company or Business name with the Registrar of companies via Ecitizen

The application process for Institution

Steps for application for registration of a TVET institution:

  • Click on the link
  • A page with Institution and Trainer/Assessor/Verifier opens
  • For the first time institution application, click register. For those registered and licensed under the old application process, kindly click on Existing. 
  • For new applicants, after creating an account, an email link will be sent to the institution email provided for activation. Click on the link to activate the account and set the password.
  • The portal will open a page with five areas to be filled.
  • Fill on General Information. Provide the specified information and upload the required documents. Save and Continue to the next stages on InfrastructureSanitation and HealthManagement, Courses, and Training Staff details.
  • Confirmation is the last phase. Confirm your details, click on Declare and
  • A payment page opens up. Make the required payment.

In case of any challenge, write an email to

After making payment the applicant will complete a registration form in duplicate as evidence of having submitted their application. An acknowledgment letter will then be sent to the applicant.

Inspection and Assessment

  1. The institution will be scheduled for inspection and a Team of assessors will visit and inspect the institution for compliance with set standards. Download the assessment tool here
  2. The assessors will prepare an inspection report which will be presented to TVETA Board

Registration and Licensing

  1. Resolution of the Board based on evaluation of the inspection report shall be;

i.  Approve Registration and Licensing of the institution
ii. Reject the application
iii. Request the Institution to improve within a period of six months

  1. The applicant is notified on results of the TVETA Board resolution within 3 months from the date of submission of a fully compliant application documents
  2. TVETA will issue a training License to qualified institutions and maintain a register of the institutions and programs approved.

TVETA will maintain a register of;

i. Registered and licensed institutions
ii. Ongoing registrations
iii. Institutions recommended for improvement

At this point, the accreditation process is complete, and an institution will be issued with a registration certificate and training license.