TVET Authority Director General Dr Kipkirui Langat today met with senior officials of Intellimedia, a US technology company and discussed how to partner in improving training in the TVET sector.

Intellimedia is a US and India- based technology firm. The company is currently underway to open Intellimedia Africa office stationed in Nairobi to serve the African market.

This was a follow-up meeting after the Dr Langat met the team in the US last year during the US-Africa Leaders Summit held in Washington, DC, in December last year, which was attended by President Dr William Ruto.

The DG welcomed the company to Kenya following their meeting in the US. He noted that President Dr William Ruto is keen to ensure that his delegation to the US is still following up on some of the collaborations agreed upon during the December meeting with US companies.

“We are looking forward to partnering with and leverage on technology to assist our youths access opportunities in the digital space because 70 % of our population is youth. We need to give them the right skills and competencies and then link them to the job market.”

The Intellimedia Networks US Founder and CEO Teodros Gessese said the company has developed new applications for education and training content delivery that is geared towards practical and more vocational type applications, where students learn how to do things via apprenticeship, via watching, and simulate that in a way that helps deliver the most retention for students.

“Our technology makes it simple to deploy any training programme in multiple-viewing devices. Furthermore, close to bringing the capability to partner with other organizations in a very transparent way and in a way that is ideal for emerging economies,” he explained.

“We are very glad about the support we have received from the current Kenyan government to set office in Kenya, which will be headed by Ms Jane Nawezi and we have a Board of very capable Kenyans that understand the know-how to implement and support Kenyans, especially in the new digitalization age.”

The two entities formed a technical to streamline the areas of partnership ahead of their next meeting, to be slated before the end of the month.