Principal Secretary – Vocational and Technical Training

Dr. Dinah Mwinzi is an educationist, enterprise, youth, gender and public policy practitioner with more than twenty five years’ experience across higher education, administrative levels of Government and development sectors. She is also a certified business mentoring, ICT, knowledge society and e-learning specialist. In her professional career, she is the founding Director of the Department of Vocational Education and Training (DVET), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Formerly in Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports).

She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education and a Master of Philosophy from Moi University, a Bachelor of Education from Kenyatta University. Also a Graduate Diploma in Leadership Development in ICT and the Knowledge Society, from Dublin City University, Ireland. Dr. Mwinzi has been a recipient of the prestigious DAAD Scholarship from the German Government and several research grants from other organizations.

Her recent publications include two books; Substance Abuse and its Impact on Students in Kenyan Universities: Towards Developing Policy Guidelines for Prevention Education Strategies, VDM, 2010. ISNB, 978-3-639-25073-2. The Role of women in African Traditional Religious Rites: A Case of the Keiyo of Kenya, VDM, 2010. ISNB, 978-3-639-1657-9.

Two Chapters in 2 scholarly books , “Access to and Retention of Early School Leavers in Basic Technical Education in Kenya” , in The Burden of Educational Exclusion: Understanding and Challenging Early School Leaving in Africa By Zeelen,J, Van der Linden,J Nampota,D. and Ngabirano,M, (Eds.) Sense Publishers, 2010 and “The impact of cost sharing policy on University Students Living conditions in Kenya Public Universities: The case of Nairobi and Moi Universities”, in African Universities in the twenty-first Century: Liberalization and Internationalization Vol.1 Zeleza P.T and A. Olukoshi (Eds.), CODESRIA in the twenty-first century: Liberalization and Internationalization Vol.I, UNISA press, 2004.

She has published three articlesMotivational Factors For Substance Abuse Among Secondary School and University Students in Kenya: The Way Forward” International Journal of Asian Social Science 2(9):1548-1563 – Online ISSN: 2224-4441 Print ISSN:2226–5139 Journal homepage: “The Challenges Faced by University Refugee Students in Kenya,” Maarifa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.2 No.2 2007. “Learning of Science and Mathematics among Female Students in Secondary Schools in Economically Disadvantaged Areas in Kenya: Challenges and Prospects” Sauti Standford Journal of African Studies Spring, 2006.

Her passion “relevant and harmonized Technical and Vocational Skills Development to build a better Kenya”.