Directorate of Policy, Research and Development

The core mandate of this Directorate is to prepare policies, carry out research  and publish information on TVET issues; they also initiate linkages and collaborations within and outside the country. The directorate is headed by a Director assisted by two managers.

The functions of the directorate:

  1. Develop policies, plans and guidelines for implementation of the TVET Act, 2013
  2. Collect, examine and publish information relating to TVET
  3. Establish linkages and collaborations for best practice in TVET
  4. Coordinate tracer studies of TVET graduates
  5. Determine training needs and objectives in TVET to inform policy
  6. Enhance public private partnership in TVET and industry
  7. Initiate collaboration within the region and beyond
  8. Monitor implementation of policies guiding TVET