Directorate of Accreditation and Outreach Services

The core mandate of this Directorate is accreditation of institutions, course approval, accreditation of trainers and equation of certificates. It is headed by a Director assisted by two managers.

The functions of the directorate:

  1. Evaluate applications for accreditation of institutions and licensing of programmes and courses
  2. Categorize and schedule institutions for assessment
  3. Assess TVET institutions and prepare reports
  4. Coordinate evaluation of assessment reports
  5. Accredit institutions
  6. License programmes and courses
  7. Develop and maintain database of accredited institutions, and programmes and courses licensed
  8. Liaise with TVET examining bodies and curriculum developers in the management of examination
  9. Maintain and disseminate updated record of all courses examined by various examining bodies
  10. Equate certificates and undertake recognition of prior learning
  11. Evaluate applications for registration and accrediting of trainers
  12. Develop, manage and maintain register of TVET trainers
  13. Liaise with professional bodies on accreditation of programmes